It is plain crazy. Probably should be unthinkable right now. Some would say an irresponsible thing to do in the current state of the world.

But the reality is, as a 40+ woman I know (because every single male doctor reminds me constantly) that my “best before date” was 35 and if I want to have another child, EVERY single month counts.

There is really no time to lose — even if we are in the middle of a global pandemic-.

It was March 2020 and most countries throughout Europe were going into lockdown. …

Just like a marathon, this quarantine is testing our endurance. This is what happened when I hit the wall.

I started quarantine 38 days ago knowing that it was probably going to last longer than 40 days… and I wasn’t wrong.

Last week, I found out our quarantine was being extended for another three weeks and my hope that at least school would restart by the end of the Easter Holidays was dashed.

I had been surprised by the fact that my spouse and I have somehow managed to continue working whilst also homeschooling our son. …

I knew consumerism was not good for (my) mental health, it took a trip to the US to remind me of just how bad it is.

I forgot ads are actually everywhere…

I was in the USA earlier this year and for the first time I finally understood why there is a movement against capitalism… to be fair it’s more specifically against consumerism. After all the USA is the kind of place where even God puts adverts on the highway (I now have his number in case you need it).

Perhaps it is because I now live in a country where EVERYTHING is shut on a Sunday that I felt so overwhelmingly bombarded with advertising everywhere I turned.

They were on TV, radio, panoramic billboards along the highway, mini billboards pinned up…

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die” — Malachy McCourt.

The first time I read this quote, I thought “yeah right, that sounds like some hippie love mumbo jumbo”.

I didn’t get it. Correction, I did not want to get it.

Because that’s what happens when your resentment runs deep. You start thinking of it like a scar of war, almost proud of it. It’s a victim-like mindset; you’d rather not have it but you have decided it is your cross to bear.

By all accounts I had been drinking this poison for about…

Love…presumably practising its aim

“Omnia Vincit Amor” or “Love conquers all”, is part of a poem by the Roman Poet Virgil. It is simple, romantic and timeless and the reason why 2,000 years later it still strums at our heart strings.

But is it true? Now more than ever we are constantly seeing a “good vs evil” and “love vs hate” rhetoric. And lately it seems like love hasn’t conquered all.

In the love vs hate rhetoric, love is a “snowflake”. Love is for hippies, love is a bedtime story that we tell children. …

I was recently in London and decided to watch Prime Minister’s questions of the day. Granted I could’ve listened even if I wasn’t in the UK, but when in Rome…

Aside from being amused with the theatrics that is parliament, the (sometimes funny) quick comebacks and witty remarks, I left the session partly infuriated and partly in utter disbelief.

The session I watched was focused on the recent withdrawal agreement terms that Theresa May has managed to negotiate with the EU.

Now, I’m not saying that I like the draft terms and I’m not saying that I agree with those…

Estamos a punto de experimentar cambios fundamentales en la forma en que vivimos nuestras vidas. El último de estos cambios fue probablemente durante la revolución industrial y la escala de ese cambio fue minúscula en comparación con la que se avecina.

La tecnología se ha ido adentrando a nuestras vidas en forma continua durante los últimos 50 años. Sin embargo, fue la llegada del los teléfonos inteligentes y nuestra evidente dependencia en ellos lo que en realidad facilitó el camino para una realidad en donde pueda existir una “integración tecnológica” completa con nuestras vidas.

Ahora que los teléfonos y altavoces…

We are on the verge of monumental changes to the way we live our lives. The last such change was probably the industrial revolution and the scale of that change was miniscule compared to this one.

Technology has been seeping into our lives steadily for the last 50 years, although it was really the advent of smartphones and our now apparent inability to be separated from them that has paved the way for a full “technological integration”.

As smartphones and home hubs are now well and truly present, if not already integrated into our everyday lives, the next inevitable step…

Let’s talk about women’s bladders shall we? And the quiet suffering they have endured throughout the years.

For the uninitiated, women unlike men are unable to relieve themselves anywhere. A “I’ll just go behind the bush”, doesn’t quite cut it and as I am sure will come as no shock to you, this is nothing new.

In Victorian England a lack of female sanitary facilities effectively tied women to their homes as they could only venture out as far and for as long as they could hold their bladders. …

If you think this is an article about all of the amazing, beautiful and life-changing reasons for having children or about all the restrictive, awful and life-changing reasons for not having children, this isn’t that kind of article. It’s somewhere in between.

For as far as can I remember, I had always been ambivalent about whether to have children.

While my friends only wanted to play with dolls, I wanted to play with all sorts of things… not only dolls. I wasn’t a let’s play mummies and babies kind of girl. However, I did have a strong preference for the Barbie Ice cream maker shop, but I think that had more to do with the ice-cream maker than the actual Barbie doll!

I have been lucky to have a very diverse set of friends. Although perhaps it wasn’t so much luck but…

Maricela Robles

Reflecting on subjects such as mental health, self-worth and what it means to be human, with humour and compassion.

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